Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 61 A Hiker and a Biker

Day 61 
July 20th
11 miles
PCT mile 1104

Typical get out of town day: intend for the morning, but last minute need to do this and this and this passes the morning hours quickly.

I made my 3rd trip to Keys Cafe and had the SAME breakfast sandwich for the 3rd day in a row, it's soooo good. And then I saw this:
I couldn't resist gluttony at it's best.

I ordered a new sleeping bag. I've been researching bags and finally decided on the Feathered Friends Swift Nano...they custom make the bag so it won't be delivered in time to Sierra City, so I had it delivered to Chester, CA my resupply stop in 10 days. My bag has been sufficient enough to this point but when the temps start to drop anymore then they have at night I'll start to get cold. I'm also cutting another pound so might as well get rid of the extra weight sooner than later.

Finally I was ready. Scott rode his bike to Tahoe from the city and agreed to give me a ride back to the trail. Picture this: a biker giving a backpacker wearing their pack a ride on a Harley. It was awesome!!! As we were pulling out of town we passed a handful of PCT hikers they were loving it, thumbs up, waving and laughing as we drove by.

I was on the trail by 1:30 which was better then I thought after my morning of last minute tasks. The sky was dark, but I thought I was going to miss the rain. Nope! By the time I got to Echo Lakes about 2.5 miles in it started pouring. I sought shelter under the eaves of the store with about 10 other hikers. I waited for about an hour and let the worse of it pass then continued on, for the rest of the afternoon/evening i had rain and light drizzle. 

Fun photo op before hitting the trail

My evening on the trail, between rain.

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