Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 65 Sierra City

Day 65
July 24th
20 miles
PCT mile 1198

20 miles and I made it to my next resupply, Sierra City!!! Not before I had this awesome photo op with my visitor on my coffee break this morning.

Haven't seen this trail marker before.

Namaste and Pilsbury were up early and got to Sierra City before I did. I met them on the porch of the general store where we hung out and ate burgers, milkshakes, ice cream, and any other yummy snacks we could find.

Hikers at the general store.

I couldn't resist.

The store closed at 6 so we stocked up on food and beverages for the evening and went on to find a camping spot for the night. Pilsbury and I set up in the backyard of the Red Moose Inn (hiker friendly and free camping). Namaste joined us and as the evening went on the backyard began to fill by all our friends: Vee, 3D, and Far Out, as they came in from off the trail.

The numbers are getting closer!!!

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