Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 52 Hiker Dad Returns Home, Happy Feet Continues North

Day 52 
June 11th
15 miles
PCT mile 957.5

I was at the Yosemite Valley Post Office first thing this morning and successfully left with packages in hand. My brother and sister-in-law had sponsored this resupply box for me and stuck in a bunch of goodies. Some of my favorites: a handful of Doublestuffed Oreos, another freeze-dried ice cream sandwich, a few Back Country Gourmet deserts (mocha mouse pie and dark chocolate cheesecake-these are real treats as I haven't had desert on the trail, yet!) Starbucks Via Lattes and a bunch more little snacks. They also sent me a new buff. Thanks Chad and Jane, love you bunches!!!

Sporting my new buff as a headband

Organizing and repacking

I repacked and then it was time to get back to Tuolomne. There were 2 buses 8am and 5pm, neither of those were feasible another hitch today. We were picked up in 7 minutes and on our way.

Hitching back to Tuolomne

Once in Toulomne I fueled up on lunch and a bunch a beverages. I was ready to hit the trail by 1pm. Not bad considering the past 24hrs events, just 4 or 5 hrs behind schedule. Hiker Dad walked me to the trailhead, we said our goodbyes and I was on my way.

Fueling up...they had my fave on special...A Rueben Sandwich

I somehow managed 15 miles in 7hrs with breaks. I was quite pleased. That's including the rest stop I made at Glen Aulin...very cool spot and highly recommend for anyone visiting Tuolomne to hike in to see it. More crowded since it's a day hike in (6 miles) but also more accessible to others when backcountry hiking/camping isn't a desirable option.

Glen Aulin

Enjoying another freeze-dried ice cream sandwich...thanks Chad and Jane!

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