Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 48 Zero in Mammoth

Day 48
June 7th
0 miles
Mammoth, CA

So much to do...laundry, shop, reconnect, eat...almost there...very productive day!

My most exciting news is my new pack, I decided before coming into Mammoth, I wanted to go with a lighter weight pack. I cut 1lb and 2oz!!! Osprey Exos 58
I was so excited, I walked around town with it on, and the tags still on too...dad kept asking if I wanted to put in the car, "no I'll just wear it, thanks though"

Coffee treat!!!

Who says backpacking is roughing it?

Happy Feet!

And all the gifts...my mom sent a box of gifts from her co-workers back home...all my favorite trail foods (freeze dried strawberries, jerky, Trader Joes Just Mangos and so much more!) Thank you everyone!!!

Some bling-bling for my new pack

Compliments of dad, 2lbs of gummy worms!

I love my new pack

And couldn't leave town without my pizza fix.

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