Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 57 Outhiking the Storm

Day 57
July 16th
23 miles
PCT mile 1058

I hadn't even had my first cup of coffee brewing yet and I could hear Namaste packing up camp, I told him I'd be a ways behind as he headed out from camp. I wasn't interested in packing up everything wet, the sun was rising so things would dry out quickly.

It was 9 by the time I started hiking. My goal was to get to Highway 4, past Ebbetts Pass, before another storm started this afternoon, which was about 15 miles. The morning weather was hot and muggy and similar to the last few days so I was certain we'd have another afternoon thunderstorm. Without the bear canister, my pack is super light and carries well, so I can make good time hiking. It feels like I'm just wearing a backpack. Sure enough the clouds started forming around 1pm, but nothing too dark yet.

Clouds forming behind me

Blue skies ahead
It seemed most of it was behind me. But about 2 miles from Ebbetts Pass the dark clouds materialized directly above me with some thunder. At this point I passed Namaste setting up his tent for shelter, he didn't want to hike in another storm today and was going to wait it out and hike once it passed. I told him I was determined to outhike it, and that I did. I walked on the edge of the dark clouds for about an hour but once I got passed Ebbetts Pass the clouds seemed to stay behind.

I found some trail magic on the other side of Highway's been a LONG time since encountering any magic so I was super stoked.

Thanks Trail Angels!!!

I was able to pull off 23 miles by 7pm and had camp set up in time to watch the sunset and eat dinner. A nice way to end the day....and I looked at my phone and I had service, score! I was able to get all my blogs uploaded too! A small storm did come through but it was already after I was zipped up nice and cozy in my tent. Happy to stay dry and warm today.

A bit of change of terrain on the other side of Ebbetts Pass.

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