Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 60 To Zero or Not to Zero

Day 60 
June 19th
0 miles 

First I was not going to zero in Tahoe, then I was...then plans changed and I wasn't. Then my friend Scott and I got in touch yesterday..."how long are you in Tahoe for?" I explained my situation, "How about I ride my bike out? I've been wanting to get the bike out for a long ride and it would be great to see you." So then it was decided I would zero and go back out on the trail Sunday morning.

I spent most of the morning, organizing, cleaning, and repacking my pack. Thanks to Ed and Cheryl I'm going to have some great meals over the next week...I can't wait, I'll be eating like a queen on the trail. My food that I have prepared has been great and I'm happy with it and like all of it but the change of having a new variety and something completely different is going to be wonderful. Since my next resupply is 4-4.5 days away, I could pack a lot of the treats I got from Heather, Mike and family, and Stephanie in company. What I didn't pack in my pack, I set up in the hotel as a snack buffet of treats and have been eating my way through it.

Hotel Snack Buffet

I revisited Keys Cafe and had some great coffee and the same bacon egg avocado sandwich I had yesterday. After that Namaste and his dad were next door to my hotel eating lunch so I went over there to visit until Scott got to town.

Scott got in shortly after 2. We hung out for a bit and just got each other caught up in each of our lives. Then we took the bike out to run some errands and do some sightseeing. I got a few supplies I needed. We stopped for pizza since that was on my list and I have been craving it for a while. 

We rode the bike down by the lake, the sun was getting low and making for some beautiful pictures with all the clouds so we stopped to enjoy the view. Then we took a fun little tour around the neighborhoods surrounding the lake looking at all the beautiful homes with spectacular views.

And that was it for the day...I was tired and ready to call it an evening. It's funny after reflecting on my day I felt like it went by so quickly and I really hadn't done much...I guess I'm so use to being on the trail and walking miles on end any given day that not getting any miles in feels like a nonproductive day. Nonproductive in the sense of no forward progress is probably why that feeling comes about. But it was a day of R&R well spent.

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