Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 62 My Two Month Trail Anniversary!!!

Day 62 
July 21st
24 miles
PCT mile 1128

It's almost hard to believe that I have been at this for 2 months. It didn't seem that long ago that I was reflecting on my 30 days spent on the trail. Yet I think about where I was then and where I am now and everything that has happened in between: all the people I have met, all the miles I have walked, all the nature I have taken in, and all the memorable experiences I have had, so much has evolved and shaped me and my experience in the last month. I've learned a lot about myself and my ability to power on. I used to think I was a wuss and intolerable to cold temps and rain, but when I went out into the rain and left thru- hikers behind at Echo Lake and they're calling me badass or when Namaste and I were hiking through the rain on two separate occasions and you see hikers pulled off trail set up in their tents and I just kept walking, I start to think maybe I'm not as big of a wuss as I thought? Perhaps I can tolerate a lot more then I ever thought I could? But that's not why I continue on, I continue on because that's what thru-hikers do....I have a destination and a deadline I am determined to make. I must keep going if I stopped for every rain storm or inclement weather I'd never make it. 

Mother Nature was kind to me today she must have known it was a special day for me, she spared me of the rain today. 

A funny for today as I took a break at the top of Dick's Pass this morning. Far Out (another thru-hiker) came up and joined me..."so we've climbed the highest Dick and the highest Nipple there are, what do you think is next?" he asked. 

Dick's Pass

Enjoying some potato salad and iced latte at the top of Dick's Pass

And sporting my new visor from Pulse Endurance Sports in San Diego...Thank you Pulse Family for all your support!!!

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