Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 69 Sunday Fun Day -Buck Lake

Day 69 Sunday Fun Day -Buck Lake
July 28th
24 miles
PCT mile 1277

About 3 miles into my day, before my fun day really got started, I was minding my own business observing all the poison oak on the side of the trail and I hear a noise off to my right. Not 3 feet away is a small very mean looking skunk with some sort of inferiority complex going on. "Oh crap!" I think, as we face off. His back is arched and his tail is straight up in the air. My heart literally skips a beat and my feet sprint ahead, as I look back, he has turned and it appears he is spraying the empty space I once occupied...I didn't stick around to smell or find out for sure. I was out of there. My heart pounding, that was more frightening then any of my snake encounters I've had on the trail. I try to imagine the disaster of being sprayed by a skunk. Ewww.

After 12 miles and 4000ft of climbing, I come to Big Creek Road. I decided to take the Buck Lake Alternative Route to Buck Lake Resort, as recommended by a fellow southbound hiker yesterday. It's hot I've pulled off some great miles the past few days, I deserve cold beverages and a cooked meal I it's Sunday...Sunday Fun Day. Why not shake up the routine a bit? The Buck Lake Alternative Route is a 6.7 loop that bypasses 4.9 miles of the trail and intersects again at PCT mile 1270. So I do it! 

First stop Haskins General Store for a cold drink and some snacks.
Buck Lake General Store

Snacks and cold drinks!

From the store the road takes me down to Buck Lake along a row of cabins lined up along the shoreline. I look out at the people playing on the lake and sitting out on their porches overlooking the lake enjoying their Sunday afternoon. I smile to myself imagining their day and experiences they are having on their summer vacation at the cabin.

Next stop Lake Shore Resort Restaurant to fill my belly with some yumminess.

I was back on the trail by 6:30 powered by a cheeseburger and brownie sundae, I got 7 miles in, just as it was getting to dark to continue. Not before capturing some beautiful colors of the sky at dusk though.

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