Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 53 Back into the Routine

Day 53 
June 12th
23.5 miles
PCT mile 981

It's hard to believe I've had 6 days without having a what I would call a full day on the trail, that's 6 days below 20 miles. Well I've quickly transitioned back to a full day successfully pulling off 23.5 miles with 5200ft of climbing. My new pack is definitely more comfortable and lighter making the transition much easier.

Despite the hard work...I still spoiled myself with my 2 cups of coffee in my sleeping bag and a little bit of reading this morning, waiting for the temperature to warmup.

Making coffee from my tent in the morning
Not to be a Starbucks ad... But the via instant coffee is the best instant trail coffee I've encountered...sometimes I like to add a little via latte to the mix.

I met a handful of new thru-hikers today that I hadn't met before as they were slightly ahead of me until now: Storybook, Taser, Kimchee, Connor, Twister, and Two Feathers. I'm sure we will be leapfrogging each other for a while, so it's nice to have a new group around. I was especially excited to meet Two Feathers (another solo woman thru-hiker), as I had seen her posts prior to me starting the trail, I knew she started a few weeks ahead and had been seeing her name in the log books. I was recently wondering of she was still out here and if I would eventually catch up to her and I did today!

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