Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 39 On my own again

Day 39 
June 28th
18.5 miles
PCT mile 774

Today I split from the last of the group that remained together after Kennedy Meadows. The others are either summiting Whitney or resupplying in Bishop or Independece or both, and I am doing neither which puts me a day or two ahead for now. 

The PCT has joined with the JMT (John Muir Trail) at mile 767 and there are a lot of other side trails that junction with the PCT so seeing a lot of other hikers and this section of the PCT has a lot more traffic, so though I left my group there are so many others, that I don't feel so isolated.

What the inside of my tent looks like in the morning

The dreaded bear vault

Dehydrated ice cream sandwich---no joke, wrapped like a real ice cream sandwich, looks like it's melting like a real ice cream sandwich and taste likes a real ice cream sandwich, thanks for the yummy treat mom!

Done for the day...time to set up camp.

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