Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 64

Day 64
July 23rd
25 miles
PCT mile 1178

Nothing too exciting to report today. I passed Highway 40 and the historic Donner Summit this morning, those of you unfamiliar with the significance, you can look it up for a little history lesson of the day. I did!

Between Highway 40 and Highway 80 there is 3.5 miles. I felt like I was hiking in the "in between land" not exactly wilderness between two highways. Once I came to Highway 80, I stopped at the rest stop to fill up on water and cook some breakfast and coffee. As I was spread out at one of the picnic tables, one curious bystander came over to ask about my backpacking trip. He disappeared only to return a few minutes later to offer some bottled water and some snacks. Of course I couldn't resist. He brought his cooler over to me and this is what I picked out. I ditched my breakfast and stowed it for a snack later and devoured these treats.

Pilsbury and Namaste left South Lake Tahoe together Sunday morning and were a half day ahead of me. Because we had cell service we kept each other updated on our locations, Monday they camped 4 miles ahead of me, Tuesday 2.5 miles, and today I finally caught up at 6:30. We were all happy to be reunited...for the short mile and half we hiked together. I wanted to do more miles today and have less to Sierra City tomorrow. They were tired and preferred to get up early and get it all done tomorrow. So we separated when they stopped to get water and I continued on, knowing we'd all see each other tomorrow and hang out in Sierra City together.

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