Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 44 Fairy Tales, Eternal Spring and Marmots

Day 44 
July 3rd
20 miles
PCT mile 860.5

The High Sierras is such a magical place. You descend off the passes and find yourself in a high altitude paradise. It's an eternal spring with snow melting, flowers blooming and the sun shining. Two of my favorite places like this were the Palaside Lakes and Evolution Lake areas. I literally felt like I was walking through my own fairy tale, without a soul around, it's such a surreal feeling.

And then they have these adorable little fuzzy brown animals...marmots. I just want to catch one and take one home with me, they're so darn cute. Unfortunately I have yet to get a good picture of one.

A not so great picture but there's a couple of marmots in it.

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