Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 32...Clouds!!!

Day 32, June 21
25 miles
PCT mile 656

Today was the first day of seeing signs that I'm making my way out of the desert. The terrain is changing, more pines, we're gradually climbing to cooler elevation , camped at 7000ft. And clouds, I've seen my first clouds since beginning this journey. Which made for a phenomenal sunset. The funny thing about seeing clouds is that we've all been deprived from clouds for so long...that we all instantly associated clouds with rain. We were setting up camp discussing it and we all had individually formed delusions in our heads that clouds must mean rain. It's funny how your mind starts thinking when you've been on the trail long enough. I also had grand delusions when I was hiking into the Walker Pass Campground this afternoon, that it would be crowded with people camping out and grilling and I would be offered hamburgers and hotdogs. Only to pull into the deserted campground, finding nothing but some fellow thru-hikers seeking respite from the hot sun under some oak trees.


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