Sunday, July 20, 2014

Day 59 Boxes Galore and Loving It!!!

Day 59
June 18th
11 miles
PCT mile 1093

It was 5:45am and I hear a voice coming from outside my tent..."is that you Happy Feet?" It's Namaste. Wow he's up and at it early. We had separated shortly after the rain cleared yesterday, when Namaste took a rest and I opted to continue hiking.

"Where'd you camp last night?" I ask. It ends up he was probably less then a quarter mile down the trail from me.
"Had I walked for 3 more minutes I would have found you," he replied. "Do you want me to wait for you?"
"Nah...go ahead, I still need to make some coffee, I catch you in a few."

Namaste's dad was meeting him at Highway 50 in about 11 miles, they were going to go into Tahoe together. Namaste offered for his dad to also give me a ride, first to Echo Lakes and then to Tahoe as well. So I quickly made my coffee and started packing. My tent was soaking with dew, but figured I'd dry it out in the hotel later. 6:26 and I was on the trail...Wow! That could have possibly been my earliest start...nothing like a little town/resupply motivation and a free ride to get you moving in the morning. I caught up to Namaste in an hour or so. Then he was flying down the downhill and I lost him. He said he'd wait at the trailhead for me.

11 miles down by 10:30...awesome! Namaste and his dad were there and his dad had a trunk full of delicious goodies...I indulged in more grapes and some animal crackers.

Namaste and his dad

Then we were off to Echo Lakes to get my packages. The woman at the post office disappeared for a while after I gave her my name. She came back with seven, seven packages!!! "Do you want all of them?" she asks. Ahhh...yes, yes of course I want all of them. Thank goodness I have transportation. I bury myself in the backseat with all my packages. I thrilled can't wait to get back and open them all. 

Namaste's dad drops me off at the hotel I want to stay in. I can't check in yet because it's too early. They keep my packages behind the counter and I meander over to this great little coffee shop, Keys Cafe. I have been to South Lake Tahoe before and the coffee shop was on my list of places to return. I enjoy a refreshing smoothie and a delicious bacon egg avocado sandwich.

Eventually I'm able to get checked into my hotel room. I get my boxes and start spreading treats galore all over the room. So how does one end up with 7 boxes? Well one was from myself just a few things from Mammoth I didn't was to carry hiking and things I'd just use in town, like some foot and body lotion, and extra supplies I'd need down the road. 

Two were from my mom with things I had her order: socks and compression sleeves, and she stuck in some extra goodies from some co-workers, thank you!!! 

Darn Tough socks guaranteed for life! I wonder if the life of the PCT is included in that guarantee?

Then 2 were from Ed and Cheryl, good friends of the family. They were the ones that initially offered to sponsor a resupply box. I handed over to them the responsibility to completely resupply me for 4.5 days meals and all. They did an awesome job of selecting meals and bars and treats. These next few days on the trail are going to be great eating all new types of food and meals.

Then I had a surprise box from Heather, Mike and family filled with more awesome snacks and little goodies and a Pulse visor (Mike and Heather's bike/run/tri-shop in San Diego), I think my favorite was the trashy magazine, US Weekly, Heather stuck in for me to get caught up in my Hollywood gossip. 

And the last box was from Stephanie (as well as Randy, Ruth, Sylvia, and Claire) and her San Diego Zoo co-workers. Besides all the yummy treats, it also had some really practical things I needed: a new clean tank, I can wear around in towns, shampoo and conditioner, sunscreen to name a few. I'll put all of that in my bounce box and mail ahead, so I can use them at town stops, but not have to carry the extra weight in my pack.

I want to thank each and everyone of you that had contributed it makes coming to town and resupplying so much fun and I get to gorge myself on treats and snacks and keep my belly full and happy. My pack it going to have the best treats in it for at least the next 5 days!!!

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