Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 33...Walking Into The Sunset

Day 33, June 22
25 miles
PCT mile 681

One of my new favorite routines on the trail is to have dinner and then do an evening hike to get a few more miles in, as the sun is setting. I've seen some pretty spectacular sunsets out on the trail.
Sunset Hike

Hans Pilgrim, Howl, and I stuck together for the day. We all agreed we wanted to do 25 miles, leaving only 21 miles tomorrow to get to Kennedy Meadows by no later than 4pm tomorrow. Today was the first day I hiked the entire day with other thru-hikers, it was great to have the company for a change. We camped, ate, and breaked together. Most of our conversation involved food and gorging once we get to Kennedy Meadows and how we can't wait to take a zero. We had a pretty comical situation looking for water at the campground once we were done hiking tonight. Needless to say we were unsuccessful in our search, called it a night, and decided we'd resort to filtering our water from the spring in the morning.

Hans Pilgrim and Howl breaking for breakfast

Say it it true??? 11:45am 6/21/14

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