Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 41 Glen Pass

Day 41
June 30th
13.5 miles
PCT mile 801.5

Today seemed to be a slow moving day for me with not a lot of pep in my steps. I summited Glen Pass at 11,946 ft, 3 miles into my day. The ascent was steep and challenging. I really think it's the passes that take so much of my energy, besides the climbs the descents are just as challenging at times.

At the top of Glen Pass

After the pass I descended into the Rae Lakes area (Upper and Lower). I have never seen lakes so beautiful in my life, crystal clear and an amazing blue-green color. I know my photos will do no justice. I found my own little private outlet from Upper Rae Lake and took a break. There were small fish (I believe Golden Trout) I could see swimming and jumping. A place of pure serenity, I would recommend this area as a must to see once in a lifetime.

Later on I came across a deer, he just watched me as I quietly approached. He let me come within 10 feet we just looked at each other for a few moments before he retreated a bit from the trail. I love magical encounters like that.

I called it an early evening, around 6:30pm. I was tired and needed to eat. I was a mile into my next climb and knew I couldn't physically summit another pass today (Pinchot Pass). As I was setting up camp, Walrus, another thru-hiker, came by, I knew his name from the water reports (something we depended on greatly in the desert section). I thanked him for reporting the updates as they were very reliable. We chatted for a bit, he also said he was doing 25 mile days before the High Sierras and has slowed down tremendously too. There's so much beauty in this section it would be a shame to push yourself to misery and not enjoy it, is the consensus we both had. He said he was going to camp another mile or so up the trail. We agreed we'd probably see each other again sometime tomorrow either on the climb or summit of the pass.

After I set up camp I went through my food, to make sure I had enough as I was taking a couple more days to get through to my next resupply. Food situation is good. I'm a little concerned about having enough fuel in my fuel canister, it'll be close. I'm saving my food that could be made without hot water till the end (just in case).

I camped next to a couple this evening who just got married. They are also from the Bay Area and doing the John Muir Trail for their honeymoon. What an amazing trip for a honeymoon...the experiences and beauty they have and will see, they will remember for a lifetime together.

Cool suspension bridge I crossed today

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