Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 42 Pinchot Pass and Mather Pass

Day 42
July 1st
18 miles
PCT mile 819.5

Today I had the spectacular day of successfully summiting 2 passes: Pichot Pass (12,142 ft) and Mather Pass (12,097). And then to top the day off I found a pretty rad camping spot right on a roaring river looking back at Mather Pass to the south and Muir Pass somewhere to the west.

One more pass of almost 12,000...Muir Pass (hopefully tomorrow) I will descend 8 miles to 8000 ft then climb 11 miles to 11,974.

Snow higher then me...ascending Pinchot Pass

Pinchot Pass

Atop Pinchot Pass

Resting between passes...check out the three little blood suckers on my hat.

Heading towards Mather Pass

Atop Mather Pass

That's 2...for 2 passes in a day.
From my campsite looking back at Mather Pass.

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