Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 46 900 miles and more!!!

Day 46 
July 5th
21.5 miles
PCT mile 901.5

I woke up early this morning and was motivated to get an early start. I had 26 miles to get to Red Meadows and knew I would be meeting my dad somewhere close to there as well. I was excited to meet up with him and eager to get to Mammoth, I was hoping to get to Mammoth tonight and take a zero tomorrow, as I have a lot to do in town this time: resupply, replace and buy some new gear, upload my blogs, reconnect with friends and family (it's been 18 days with no cell service and/or internet) and of course the usual eat an abundance of food, shower, and laundry.

I started the day with a 5 mile climb up and over Silver Pass and then had one last significant 3 mile climb after that. After 11 miles into my day I mostly had downhill with a few little ups. I was guessing I'd see my dad somewhere around 20 miles into my day. 

Silver Pass

It was at mile 16 and I saw him from below rounding the corner. We were both surprised and excited. We took some super cute selfies (on his camera though :(( so I don't have any  for the blog) and him some pictures of just me and then continued on to his camping spot. Apparently being Saturday and July 4th weekend, hotels are booked and it's one of the busiest nights of the year for Mammoth. So we agreed to camp on trail, do a Nero tomorrow and a Zero on Monday. I felt I had too much to get done and really needed a full zero before getting back on the trail. Dad packed up camp and we hiked in 5 miles from Red Meadows. 

We passed the 900 mile marker together and had some fun making a video and taking pictures. We set up camp and even had a fire ring, which we fully took advantage of, my first fire on my PCT journey!!!

I thrilled to be with my dad for the next few days and share part of my journey with him.

A sign my dad made pointing to his camp, in case our paths didn't cross on the trail

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