Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 49 PCTing it with Hiker Dad

Day 49
12.5 miles
June 8th
PCT mile 819

Dad and I are back on the trail, our plan is to take 3 days from Red's Meadows to Toulomne Meadows averaging 12 miles a day. I'm excited to take 3 easy mileage days, knowing my body is going to be completely rested and raring to go once I get out of Toulomne.

My goal is to have my dad live the full on PCT experience in 3 short days and we're well on our way.

First off, I gave dad a trail name when I first saw him on the 5th, so he's no longer dad...but Hiker Dad. Hiker Dad and Happy Feet!!!

The first PCT experience was the procrastination of getting back on the trail after being in town. There's no getting up at 5am and being ready to hit the trail by early morning, oh no no no...I'm still enjoying the luxury of being in town. I had an awesome wake up call this morning. My mom and I had agreed to FaceTime one last time before I got back in the trail, I told her anytime after 6, I'll be ready to get up. I think it was about 6:30 and she was calling. I turn over in bed to answer and once it connects to FaceTime who's the first most adorable face I get to baby Izzy (Izzy is my dog, she's a black cocker spaniel and she will be 10 tomorrow!) ahhh I miss seeing that cute fuzzy face every morning. Mom and I get a good laugh at her as she can't sit still to be on camera too long, but she did a good job this morning for me. After talking to in bed. Hiker Dad is already up now, finishing his last minute packing and then heads to the Inn lobby for coffee. I eventually make it down there and we have breakfast together. I explain to Hiker Dad after breakfast I have a few more blogs to finish uploading and I'll head back up to the room once I'm finished. 

So I finish my blogs, get packed up, and am ready to leave...I think it may have been 9ish when we check out. I have Hiker Dad take pictures of me and my new pack all ready to go.

Next stop post office to send out a bounce box for myself to Echo Lakes. Once we were done at the post office Hiker Dad thinks were ready, "Can we stop and get coffee, please?" Hiker Dad laughs. Coffee, then we had to the shuttle. We make it Red's Meadow by noon, I see a few other thru-hikers I know hanging out. I got sick on the shuttle bus so I wasn't quite ready to hit the trail. Hiker Dad decides to get a burger, I join him after getting some Sprite to sip on. After seeing his burger I decide I want one too. And glad I did it was delicious and Hiker Dad and I split a chocolate malted milkshake. Now my tummy is full and happy.

The infamous Red's Meadows burger.

OK now we are ready...1pm and we are off!!! Pretty typical time for coming out of town and getting back on the trail.

I let Hiker Dad set the pace.

Devil's Postpile

Hiker Dad did awesome, we pulled off 12.5 miles by 8pm, with some decent climbing in the last 4 miles. We collected water on a hillside stream and agreed to pull off at the next respectable camping spot.

We found a great spot with a phenomenal view.

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