Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 66 Leaving Sierra City

Day 66
July 25th
3 miles
PCT mile 1200.8

I wanted to have most of the day to rest and go out on the trail late afternoon/early evening just to get a few miles in.  Pilsbury was also down with that plan, so we did just that, hung out in town all day and got a ride back to the trail about 5:30ish. 

I had a fabulous breakfast at the Red Moose Inn Cafe. I have to say they make a pretty mean cup of coffee too.

My favorite town breakfast: eggs, bacon, pancakes and coffee.

I spent most of the day organizing resupply and repacking. I had a wonderful surprise box from my friend, Jen, and a few extra goodies stuffed into the box my mom sent, including my favorite chapstick. Since my new pack has bigger hip pockets, it can accommodate the odd shape, so I gladly ditched my old chapstick for my new one.

My favorite chapstick.

There is a 8.5 mile climb out of town, by the time we hit the trail our camping options were 3 miles in or 7.5 miles in, we decided 3 miles was good enough for today, our packs were loaded down with food and heavy. So we set up camp, ate dinner and called it a night.

The elevation profile heading out of town.

Pilsbury and I outside the Red a Moose Inn...finally got a picture of her/us to post.

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