Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 11

Day 11
19 miles
PCT mile marker 195

Today was a great day! I some friends from San Diego decide last minute yesterday to come up early this morning to Idyllwild for a day training hike, I was excited and eager to have the company. We agreed to meet at the coffee house at 8:30 and ride to Devil's Slide Trail head.

Ron and Joe

Devil's Head Trailhead

We climbed 1600 feet in 2.6 miles to meet the PCT at the saddle junction at PCT mile marker 179.4. I immediately said "ahhh...home." The trail closure of the PCT comes all the way up to this point.


PCT Trail Closure, southbound from saddle junction, mile 179.4

Once on the PCT the climbing continues  to 9000ft. Ron and Joe hiked with me for about 7 miles before they decided to head back to the car. We sat down and had lunch before parting ways. Ron was nice enough to let me raid his goodie bag of snacks for anything that looked appeasing to me. I came out with some cliff bloks, power bar gummies and pumpkin seeds. 


After leaving Ron and Joe, I restocked on water at San Jacinto River...next water stopped 20 miles ewww, back to the heavy pack.And then traversed Fuller Ridge and descended to 5600ft, as dusk was approaching and I was getting tired I decided to set up camp.

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