Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PCT Day 13

Day 13, June 2nd
20 miles
PCT mile marker 233

Today was a perfect reminder for me that just because your day starts out dragging, doesn't mean it will end that way. 

I pulled off trail last night earlier than I intended because I was super tired and wasn't feeling 100% (note to self...scarfing Burger King and Pizza Hut, may seem like a good idea at the time, but your body most likely will not think so...especially since this is way out of the norm for your diet). This morning I seemed to be having the same lethargic feeling, and since I was camping without a water source I didn't have the luxury of having extra water to make coffee. I had either 7.5 or 13.5 miles to go without a water source, I had conflicting water reports so I was assuming the latter, 13.5 miles.

The first 7.5 miles were painfully slow, then I ran out of water in my camelbak about 7 miles in...meaning that if there's no water at 7.5 I have 1 liter to last 6 miles in the heat and scorching sun of the desert. Low and behold, the Whitewater River was flowing nice and strong. Yippee!!! Happy dance. Downed a liter of Ultima, then made my much needed coffee and savored every moment of it. Then I played in the river, there's nothing better than finding a cold river in the middle of the desert to frolic in and cool yourself down. After that, the rest of the hike was beautiful, the PCT joined up with a second river, Mission Creek at 13.5 and followed that for 6 miles as the climb for Onyx Summit began. This Mission Creek section was my favorite so far!


Soaking the legs 

And because I can, resting in the river.

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