Saturday, June 7, 2014

PCT Day 16

Day 16, June 5th 
20 miles
PCT mile marker 286

The plan was to have Grayson, from Big Bear Hostel, give Chris (another thru hiker) and I a ride back to the trail around 9am. I got up early to finish getting things together and more importantly to go get some coffee and a big breakfast before heading back on the trail.

Fueling up

Packing up pickles for the trail.

It ended up that Johnny (thru-hiker) got his new pack delivered that he was waiting for, for a few days, he was eager to get back on the trail too, so we waited for him to get everything packed up, that way Grayson could give all 3 of us a ride together.

As we were waiting for Johnny, Chris decided his pack was too heavy and he kept getting rid of food, as he was making his pack lighter, I was making mine heavier...oh I'll take that, what your not taking that? I ended up with some beef jerky and a dark chocolate Milky Way bar, but ate a bunch of iced oatmeal cookies and some summer sausage while waiting. Chris left a whole table of food behind, the next thru-hiker in will have quite a treat waiting for them.

We actually got to the trail around 11, thanked Grayson, chatted a bit, took some pictures and hit the trail at 11:20.
Chris was hoping to do 20miles today and me closer to 22, but knew it would be cutting it close, unless we hiked into the night.

Chris, myself and Johnny at Hwy 18 trailhead

We stayed together until the first water stop at 2.5 miles. I got back on the trail before them and never saw them for the rest of the day. I was making good time and wanted to go as far as a could before it got to dark. I was hoping to make it to Holcomb Creek, at mile 286, which I did. I made excellent time, 20 miles in 7.5hrs, (8hrs 40min including rest time). I set up camp just as it was getting dark, I was so exhausted I barely had energy to make it through my dinner. I was out by 9:30.

Pack stuffed for 8.5 days, until next resupply

Chris and Johnny take the lead

Overlooking Big Bear Lake

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