Thursday, June 5, 2014

PCT Day 15- Big Bear Lake

Day 15, June 4th
10 miles 
PCT mile marker 266

I woke up around 6am and it was 36 degrees out...a little chilly for me to jump out of my bag and start packing things I had a slow moving morning, enjoying my warm coffee. Hit the trail by 8. 10 mile morning hike to Hwy 18, called Papa Smurf and Mtn Mama for a ride to Big Bear Lake Hostel where I had a resupply package #2 waiting for me.

There were 4 other thru-hikers already there taking a zero. The Sarge showed me around the place: shower, laundry, loaner clothes, my room (luck be have it I got my own room) First things first: FOOD! There was a Mexican Restaurant next door so I fueled up at the closest option.

The best thing was the chips and salsa and again can't beat ice tea.

Back to the hostel to get cleaned up, found some loaner clothes that would fit me so I could do all my laundry at once, threw everything in the washer and myself in the shower. That was the first REAL shower in 15 days. Heaven!

Then opened up my 1st sponsored resupply box...thank you Tess and Linda for topping it off with some treats and letters of inspiration.

Evaluating the snack situation for 8.5 days.

Then off to the Post Office to get rid of some more weight and send some things home. 

Next stop coffee shop!

And stocking up on some treats.

And snacks for the evening.

Chatted and FaceTimed with family and friends. Unpacked and repacked for the next 8+ days.

Then dinner.

Lots of work getting fueled up and restocked for the next section, no R&R on this town stop. Hitting the trail in the morning.

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