Sunday, June 8, 2014

PCT Day 18

Day 18, June 7th 
23 miles 
PCT mile 331

After soaking in the hot springs last night, I had one of my better sleeps. It seems the past week my night sleeps have been broken up and I've been tossing and turning quite a bit. Still didn't sleep through the night, but felt like I just slept sounder. With a few solid hours here and there. I'm hoping this is just a phase and my sleep will'd think I've exhausted myself enough everyday.

Today's hike was a fun one! 2 sections I really enjoyed was the 5 miles hiking out of Deep Creek Hot Springs along the river and then the hike around Silverwood Lake. See a theme here???...all my favorite sections so far involve bodies of water.
Deep Creek Springs Area

Silverwood Lakes

Around mile 15, I happened upon a water cache with some soda...I was fine with water, but happy to have an extra sugar boost. I chugged the root beer and saved the Pepsi for after my afternoon rest at the Cedar Springs Dam bridge. As I was coming into Cedar Springs, Chris was getting ready to head out, he had left earlier then I did this morning. I forced an hour rest upon myself as it was a hot day with not much shade.


Resting Selfie.

Later as I was hiking around Silverwood Lake I found another soda, 7up this time! And I couldn't resist. By the time I got finished hiking and had camp set up for the night I was so jacked up on sugar, it took me 2 hours to unwind and call it a night, which was nice for a change. Usually I'm so tired to do anything at night after hiking. I can't even remember a day I've had 3 sodas.

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