Friday, June 13, 2014

PCT Day 19- That was a scorcher!!!

Day 19, June 8th
16.5 miles
PCT mile marker 347

Today was one of those days I give Mother Nature my utmost respect and know not to push my limits on extreme days such as these.

This morning I had an 11 mile hike into Cajon Pass at Interstate 15. It was a awesome section, but it was HOT. By the time I got there at noon  the temp was already reading 97 degrees. Which means out on the trail is at least 5 degrees warmer than that (just my theory). I had just enough water to get me there, I was happy not to run out beforehand. I don't like hiking when #1, I'm conserving water because I'm afraid I'm going to run out because it's so darn hot and #2, If I'm not peeing every 3 miles or so...I know I'm not staying hydrated.

I was already planning on taking the 0.4 mile off trail detour to the gas station and McDonalds and knew I'd be staying there for a while, until it started to cool down. 

View from the morning hike.

Coming around the bend I could see the I -15, I hollered with joy, knowing I was close.

Unfortunately when I arrived, Chris, who was already there sitting in the shade, informed me that McDonalds was closed, but the drive thru was open and the gas station was open but the bathrooms were closed. Some water issue. Chris had decided to move on and take shelter elsewhere. I stayed needing to stock up on liquids and food. I hoped if I waited long enough perhaps the water issue would resolve and I had just enough water to get me there, I was happy not to run out beforehand.
IT DID. Shortly after 3pm McDonalds opened it doors. I took up residence in one of the booths and watched the temp creep up to 104 by 4:30pm. I wasn't planning on going out before it cooled off to 95.

Gas station round 1

Gas Station round 2

McDonalds round 1

McDonalds round 2

McDonalds round 3

I spent time reading, Facebooking, texting and eating. Another thru-hiker, Young Gun, came in with his parents who met him at Cajon Pass to say hi. We all chatted for a bit, then I left him to catch up with his parents. He's thru-hiking crazy miles, he's been out for 7 days and is averaging something like 47 miles a day. He'll be long gone by morning. 

One last trip to the gas station to stock up on snacks.

So I finally set out after 6pm, I resolved to a shorter day and hiked the 5.2 miles to the next water cache and called it a day. Chris was already camped out when I arrived, he also decided not to push it any further today.

Some pictures from this evenings hike
Tunnel of darkness...under the I-15

Tunnel of light

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