Friday, June 13, 2014

Things You May Not Know About The Desert Part 1...that I've learned from hiking the PCT

This list has been created solely by me and my experience in the 1st 350 miles I've spent in the desert of Southern California

1. The desert is NOT flat, and if there's a hill or a mountain the PCT will find it and go over it.

2. No matter how much sunscreen you put on your hands, your hands will get burnt.

3. Don't believe the thermometer, it's always 100+ degrees in the desert, 90 degrees in the shade and 80 degrees by 8am.

4. Desert nosebleeds.

5. If you have a fear of snakes, that will dissipate after 2 weeks in the desert, mine did after 8 days.

6. Rivers, streams, springs, any source of natural flowing water is a rarity if you find one, don't pass it by,  drink from it, frolic in it, be gracious for it...just enjoy it for what it's worth

7. Desert showers, my way of thru-hiking multitasking...soak self and clothes at water stops, cools you off, rinses the dirt off, and washes the stink out of the clothes your wearing.

8. If your sleeping below 6000ft, you will not be cold at night...most often you will be hot...many of nights I woke with less clothing than I started with, your body emits so much heat from being in the sun all day and your metabolism working overtime, you are your tents own heating system.

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