Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PCT Day 12

Day 12 Ziggy and the Bear's (June 1st)
18 miles

The decent from Fuller Ridge off San Jacinto is never ending, brutal, and slow, was so happy to be done with that decent.

Took several hours of R&R at Ziggy and the Bear's. Thank you so much Ziggy, Bear, and Bill!

The road to no where

Crossing under the I-10

Trail magic under the I-10

Epsom Salt Foot bath...I've been waiting 12 days for this!

This is gross! Doing laundry at Ziggy and the Bear's

Bill did a Burger King run for us!

And bought Pizza Hut too! So yummy. (BTW I took 2 pieces for the trail on my way out)

Ziggy and the Bear's accommodations

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