Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 27...Aquaduct and Wind Turbines

Day 27, June 16th
24 miles
PCT mile 541

Four of us headed out from Hikertown within an hour of each other this morning. I was hiking by 6:40, I figure the earlier the starts I can get in this section leading up to Kennedy Meadows the better off I'll be, beating the desert heat.

The day really flew by, the morning section followed along the aquaduct. I pulled into the water cache at mile 17 before 1:30pm. Sea Turtle and Tortoise who left Hikertown last night were there along with Lady Luck. We were shortly there after joined by Swimmer. We all took our afternoon break under the shade of the bridge, before heading out to tackle the afternoon climb through the wind turbines.

Swimmer, Sea Turtle, Tortoise, and Lady Luck

The last 7 miles were gradual climbing through the wind turbines. The wind was fairly manageable until the last 3 miles. The wind was blowing pretty steadily with some strong gusts, towards the top and at the summit, I definitely got blown around quite a bit, this is the most wind I've dealt with so far on this hike. It was quite the experience, but I'm happy to take a day of high winds in exchange for an afternoon scorching in the heat. 24 miles by 6pm, I'll take that for a descent days hike on the PCT.

Hiking the aquaduct 

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