Friday, June 13, 2014

PCT Day 20

Day 20, June 9th
23 miles
PCT mile marker 370-Grassy Knoll Visitor Center

Lots of climbing today! Started at 3500 ft and climbed to 8300 ft in 15miles. Ron and Joe, met up with me again. They hiked up from Wrightwood and met up with me around mile 359 and they joined me for the rest of the day. We found Chris at Guffy Campground where we all hung out for a bit and then hiked together until Bluejay Campground where Chris was camping for the night. Chris is resupplying in Wrightwood tomorrow and won't do much mileage tomorrow, which means I'll pull ahead of him and we probably won't see each other for a while. We've essentially been on the trail together, leapfrogging one another, since Big Bear. We said our goodbyes and wished each other well. Joe, Ron and I continued on to Grassy Knoll where we called it a night.

Young Gun and I, he went charging by today at mile 5 for me.

This means I am halfway through the desert section!!! Yahoo!!!

XXX...Poodledog Bush Stay AWAY...XXX

Hiking with the boys!

Ummm...can I sit here all day PLEASE

Happy Trails Chris!!!

Snack buffet...thanks Ron and Joe!

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