Saturday, June 14, 2014

PCT Day 23...Run Free Sirius

Day 23, June 12th
24 miles
PCT mile 368

I had less than 5 miles left to go in my day (I needed to get to the next water spot), I was having a difficult time bushwacking and dodging Poodledog Bush, once again, on a very ungroomed portion of the trail. I finally resided to sitting down trail side to put on pants to avoid the inevitable brush against the bare leg with the Poodledog Bush. I was frustrated cause it was taking forever to get there. And I was ready to be done for the day. So I took a break and checked my phone, happy to see I had service. This is when I found out from a friend that Sirius had been put down. Sirius was Liam's dog and was like family to to Izzy and I. Sirius spent many of days and nights with Izzy and I, both in California and Colorado. So I took a big sigh and had my first real cry on the trail.

Sirius...may your eternal life be filled with cool ocean breezes and fresh mountain snowfalls.

Sirius and I, January 1st, 2013

Memorial for 2 firefighters caught in a wildfire

Old prison...surrounded by Poodledog Bush

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