Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 26...Powerhouse Fire Detour...A Nero for Me

Day 26
7 miles
PCT mile 517

Miles 478-511 of the PCT are closed due to 2013 Powerhouse Fire. There's a 20 mile road walk option, that brings you to Hikertown at mile 517. 

I had a 7 mile hike into the trail closure this morning. At this point I decided to forego the road walk take a nero. I wasn't on my game, I was have some new aches that were nagging me yesterday too and figured my body was protesting me to push it any harder. In hindsight I should have taken a zero at Hiker Heaven, but did the next best thing and took a nero today. I was done hiking by 9:30am and had the whole day to rest. 

The Anderson's picked me up from Green Valley Ranger Station and I went back to Casa de Luna to chill and figure a ride up to Hikertown. Shortly there after I was joined by Hans Pilgrim, Lady Luck and Snake Charmer. We found a trail angel to give us a ride from Casa de Luna to Hikertown, where we'll all jump back on the trail tomorrow morning.

Casa de Luna

Couch time at Casa de Luna

Hans Pilgrim, Snake Charmer, Lady Luck, and myself

The Anderson's (Joe and Teri) with Lady Luck

On to Hikertown

My quarters at Hikertown 

Chilling at Hikertown 

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