Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 18-24 hr calorie count

Now that I'm 18 days into my hike and eating like no ones business...especially on town stops, I was curious to what my 24hr calorie content was for 24hrs on the trail. Here it is:

Dried Pears 200cal
Kind Bar 190cal
Granola Bar 190cal
Bacon, egg, cheese grits 835cal
Root beer 170cal
Pepsi 150cal
7up 140cal
Trail mix 760cal
Rice and Bean + 1 pack of olive oil 670cal

For a grand total of: 3305cal

I'd say this day is a good representation of my normal caloric intake on trail. It's actually a little lower than I would have guessed...I feel like I'm constantly putting calories in and eating all the time. But then the days I'm in town and am eating less healthy and gigantic meals, I'm sure I'm adding 1000+ calories on those days.

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