Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 28...Sometimes you just keep walking because that's all there is to do

Day 28, June 17th
24 miles
PCT mile 566

Ok if I passed through wind turbines yesterday...I passed through gazillions more today. Thank you PCT for the nice tour...I've seen more than I will ever need to see again in my life. Wind turbine nightmares tonight.

It was probably around mile 11 or 12 today when I re-encountered the wind turbines. When you see them you know it's going to be windy...imagine walking through hundreds on end for 10+ miles. Now imagine your in the desert, i.e. sand and no shade, AND walking through wind turbines. I stopped to resupply on water at mile 17...this is when I normally would have taken an afternoon break...but there was no shade and sand was being blown everywhere. I couldn't construct temporary shade to rest in because if it wasn't attached to me or my was blowing away. So what do you do in this case? just walk...and keep walking and accept the fact that you will be done walking when...well who knows when, but you'll get there eventually, and I did. 

Morning view

Upside down tree

And I thought I was done with the wind turbines.

Mile 549 water cache

My PCT version of iced mocha

And then they start again...

And just keep going and going

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