Saturday, June 14, 2014

PCT Day 22 Fatigue and Coffee Withdrawal

Day 22, June 11th 
22.5 miles
PCT mile 412

I don't know what rationale I was using when I made my coffee rations for resupply box #3. I ran out yesterday, that's 3 mornings short of coffee. Needless to say my climbing fatigue had carried over into this morning, anything that resembled an incline my legs protested. That coupled with no coffee this morning made for a tired me. If I had company one may say grumpy and irritable, but no one to call me grumpy and no one for me to find irritating. I resolved for calling it a shorter day...done hiking by 6:30pm, so I can have ample rest and relaxation before having to call it a night.

Luckily things turned around for me a bit this afternoon, the last 5.5 miles of the day climbed at a gradual incline and my legs were fine. I did try call a day at 6:30...but that wasn't happening, considering I was on the side of mountain dodging poodle dog bush, with sharp inclines on either side of the trail...but made it to the summit shortly after and found myself a great camping spot with fantastic views. 

Treats from some campers

Resting at Camp Glenwood

Collecting water

Camp for the night

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