Saturday, June 7, 2014

PCT Day 17

Day 17, June 6th
22 miles
PCT mile 308 -Deep Creek Hot Springs

I was really slow starting out today, cold mornings are hard for me to get going. I heard someone walking by me at 8am, I peeked out the tent and it was Chris. He said he also had a hard time getting an early start because it was so cold this morning - obviously not has hard as me as I wasn't even close to starting for the day. We both agreed we wanted to make the 22 miles to Deep Creek Hot Springs today. I wished Chris a good day and told him I'd be at least another 30 min. So 1hr and 20min later, I finally hit the trail.

Great hiking today the first 1/2 the day went by super fast the last 10 were a more of a struggle for me...this seems to be a very common theme. What I really need to do is start earlier so I can afford longer rest breaks during the day, lesson of the day, perhaps. I didn't see Chris until a mile before the hot springs, we hiked in the last mile together, we both still agreed we were camping here for the night. I was eager to get into the hot springs, so quickly set up camp. Then a nice long hour soak in the hot springs...nothing beats that after a long day of hiking. Can I have this every night please???

Soaking the feet, midday, in a stream


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