Saturday, June 14, 2014

PCT Day 24 Day 24 Hiker Heaven AKA The Saufleys'

Day 24, June 13th 
20 miles
PCT mile 454

I was eager to get to the Saufleys' today. I knew I had 20 miles to go, but that meant shower, laundry, and resupply box. I hadn't showered or washed my clothes in 9 days, I and everything I owned was filthy. The girls from work had sponsored my resupply box, so I had unknown goodies awaiting me too!

Paint Your Wagon, Paint for short, (another thru-hiker I came across 2 days ago) and I had camped at the same spot last night so we headed out together this morning.

Paint on ahead of me

Paint and I

Things were slow moving for me again this morning. That's when I realized...there's a KOA with a store in 8 miles...that means I can get my caffeine fix. So I hightailed it in the last 5 miles. And caffeine I got! 3 cups of coffee, a coffee flavored ice cream bar, a iced Starbucks drink and some snacks to fill the belly and I was raring to go again!


Last 10 miles were a breeze. I first stopped at the grocery store in Agua Dulce, before heading to Hiker Heaven. I picked up some coconut water, blueberry lemonade, kombucha and 2 apples and off to Hiker Heaven.

The Golden Spike where the trail was officially declared completed in 1993

Bridge under Hwy 14

Vasquez Rocks area 

I was dazzled by the colorful apples

Order pizza for dinner...calorie load up

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